Concert Schaffhausen
12. Nov 17

computer sound + vision experience
digital noisescapes of "terms&conditions", "Randensonata" and "apidae".

Clelland steers his self-coded, handcrafted audio computer software through syncopated journeys: sometimes ambient, sometimes aggressive, always singular in their performance. Spinning gossamer sheets of frequency processing, created from intimate recordings, of nature, technology and traditions into a concert of found sounds, live vocal processing, computer synthesis, some explicitly designed for quadrophonic enjoyment.
Honegger pushes the boundaries of computer graphics processing performance, meticulously combining layer upon layer of self-photographed motifs in real-time. Her almost exclusively self-recorded source material is synthesized into sometimes psychedelic, sometimes programmatic, live video animations, always singular in their performance. Her prowess in wielding the in-house developed Hurricane Video Synthesizer is underlined in its emphasis of the sublime. By developing their own custom software, W3rkH0f media arts exercises unique levels of interaction between sound + vision.

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Gerald Bennet from ICST

We were privileged this last Saturday to be attending a very special 75th birthday party. Gerald Bennet, composer and co-founder of several music institutions, including ICEM (International Confederation of Electroacustic Music), SZCM (Swiss Institute for Computer Music) and the ICST computer music department at the Zurich school of applied arts (ZHdK) where he was also the director until 2007. His…

Vintage microphone restoration

Kent’s recent visit to his parents attic in Pennsylvania USA unearthed an exciting relic from the 1940’s. A couple of industrial microphones that would have originally been installed in a factory or a coal mine for staff announcements. The slim long one is a Lafayette, the other is a Shure Brothers Fat Boy. They are very very dirty inside and…

Im Kammgarn

Thank you Ursula Scherrer for those great images of our performances terms&conditions, Randensonate and apidae. We had a swell time! And a special thank you to Gavin Maitland for persuading Hausi and the team of Kammgarn to let us use the space that Sunday afternoon!Our heros!

Konzert im Kammgarn

Es stellt sich heraus, unsere Fans haben uns kurzerhand in eine andere Location umplatziert: Wir werden also im Rahmen der Vebikus Ausstellung “Wolken Riechen” unser Konzert in der Kammgarn aufführen.!!     Flyer zu Wolken Riechen: –>  EK_Wolken_Riechen_2017-10

Concert at the Vebikus

We are very excited to present our popular audio-visual live performances terms&conditions, Randensonata, and apidae on the 12. November, 15:00h at Vebikus, Schaffhausen. We will be spinning our digital beet roots in the same location as many of our local fellow artist friends (as in the above image Vincenzo Baviera, 2009).                  …

<< open homeland >>

Our upcoming 50-minute computer sound + vision experience is made of digital noisescapes of Swiss origin. We have put together a detailled description of our motivations, processes and individual themes for you to read. Here a version in German for you:                                      …

apidae teaser

For those of you who cannot wait any longer, here the teaser for apidae, our upcoming audio/visual performance. Original footage of sound and images are spliced into media arts custom softwares hurricane and live better suite, as well as other media, to create a unique quadrophonic composition and visual synthesis.     On our quest for audio and visual recordings…

the 150yr old blacksmiths workshop

..and how it became the topic of our next audio/visual composition “Treibenreif”: Shortly after moving to the Klettgau, a remote valley on the northern Swiss border, we were wandering around our idyllic medieval village of Neunkirch when we first bumbled upon the old blacksmith shop. As chance would have it, the door was open and we entered into what seemed…

Randensonata in SocietyBite science magazine

It seems Mary Ellyn Johnson and Daniel Boos have written an article explaining the value and importance of DaDA today in a context of Re:Mix and copyright, giving our ‘Randensonata’ a nice mention. Thanks! – SocietyBite is a publication of the BHF (Bern University of Applied Sciences) Re:Dada – Collecting, performing and exhibiting Dada 100 years later By Daniel…

finally, the promo shot

We are very busy assembling and fine tuning our upcoming concerts, one in September and one in October. Finally, we managed to produce our promo shot – “all about the bees”. The 3 brand new works we are about to present are composed of various field recordings and photographs, – the long awaited 150 year old smithy (Treibenreif) , –…