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Raiders of the lost ark

At Silver Lake, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, there is the little bakery cafe tropical. Although the Cuban sandwiches there should be legendary, that was not the reason we had to stop by there. It was for a little trip down memory lane. This bakery has a history. Once upon a time, not so long ago in the early 90’s maybe,…

Richard Neutra’s “Research House”

Very exciting to see that the Los Angeles home of jana°s father’s hero and former employer Richard Neutra has now turned into a museum for architecture students and admirers alike. A weird mix of artistic awe and childhood memories came flooding in while being shown around the space by an enthusiastic volunteer guide. Some of those German books on the…

Kinetic art by Nemo Gould

  Nemo Goulds lovely and detailed kinetic sculptures are both charming and exquisitely crafted out of a multitude of recycle parts. We went to visit him, to see his workshop and received an exclusive viewing of his most recent pieces at a gallery nearby. It was a wonderful treat, thank you Nemo.