Yami-Ichi harvest

As a follow up on our previous blog entry, the Internet Yami-Ichi (->definition)at the HeK was a blast and we are amazed at the creativity and diversity of all the participants. Kent contributed with his genuine Klettgauer root kit. Moriah made a zillion AppCakes in a colourful assortment.. Yum!

Here a blessing from one of the founding members:

“Hello Internet-ish people in Switzerland, we are IDPW from Japan and really excited to have 18th Internet Yami-ichi here in Basel.
Now you are in the internet, you can browse, chat, click, purchase, or anything you can do online in real life!
Enjoy the event!!”  Best,  Last fish,  IDPW, Japan


The <Best Ever Gold Standard Yami-Ichi Award> was designed by jana° and manufactured by our neighbour Michel Hardegger in his 3D printing lab HM-3D and required the top three entrants to collect enough “like” stickers on their stall to win one of them.

As in the digital counter part, the analog Internet Yami-Ichi featured the option of buying a pack of 10 like stickers to boost your chances, – and it emerged, someone even sold counterfit stickers via an improvised ad attached in the rest room, available to order per text message!!




The winners were then announced in the evening as part of the net_based 17 prize award ceremony and jana° still donned her pixel-pointer-arrow as the resident Yami-Ichi-Mama.

It was great fun!

Great thanks to Sabine Himmelsbach for asking me to organise this cool market. A big thank you to the whole team at HeK and a very special thanks to Alessandra Von Aesch for her tireless and fabulous support!


Here a news report from the Swiss national TV online edition (in German):




You will find a full list of all the participants here: