Jana Honegger


Jana° likes to stretch the boundaries of our expectations.

She enjoys bringing together differing social elements using art as the media or prompt.

Jana° applies social synthesis in art to include the audience into the process.



The HeK (House of electronic arts) asked jana° to organise the first ever Swiss Internet Yami-Ichi, an invention of the artists collective IDPW from Japan,  which took place in April 2017. There is a report of this event in a blog entry –> here.











30 July 2016, SGMK 10 year festival in Zurich. Jana° organised and hosted a podiums discussion about art, technology and politics. Where are the cross overs, where are the limitations.

On introduction a short video clip showing images and sound samples of a Syrian refugee and her journey into Switzerland. Images that are seen every day as news reports can be filtered and altered to make otherwise gut wrenching scenes more bearable, allowing the viewer to digest and process the content. Art can assist politics. How do politics affect art?

Panel discussion: technology, politics and art. at SGMK festival, l to r: Jana Honegger – municipal councillor, refugees dept., CH Walter van Holst – international netpolitics lawyer, NL Urban Sand – Alternative Schule Zürich, CH David Herzog CCC ZH – CH Norbert Bollow – netpolitics lawyer Digitale Gesellschaft D Yashas Shetty – Hackteria Bangalore INDIA/D Shusha Niederberger – HEK Basel, CH
Voice: Dhuhuk Al Kharraz, a Syrian refugee, 25 year old mother of 3, describes fleeing to Switzerland

Ansprache an den Museumsverein Schaffhausen:

(in Swiss German)

As the Schaffhauser Museums Society came to hold their general convention in Neunkirch May 2016, Jana° held her welcoming speech as incumbent cultural minister via video projection for the bemused audience, as she had a prior engagement in the municipal council she could not miss.


jana° enjoyed formal art education at the following two institutions:

F+F school of media arts, Zurich, Switzerland

Freie Kunstschule E.V. “Zuckerfabrik”, Stuttgart, Germany


jana° is a member of the board at the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society






More about jana° at   janahonegger.ch


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