Kent Clelland

Composer, Computer Musician, Media Artist
Performing live with computers since the early 1990’s


Kent Clelland (b.1971 USA), studied music composition at the Ithaca College School of Music, and Computer Music Performance at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts).  An accomplished electro-acoustic performer, he has performed on festivals such as MusikProtokoll der Steierischer Herbst (Graz, AT), Donaueschingen Musiktage  (Donauseschingen, DE), Pro-Musica Nova (Bremen, DE), and SWR New Jazz Metting (Baden Baden, DE), Interpretations Series (New York, USA), and the Faultlines Series (Los Angeles, USA).

As a live laptop performer integrating digital visual processing he has performed at the Photo España (Madrid, ES), ARCO art exhibition (Madrid, ES), La Laboral (Gijon, ES), ZKM (Karlsruhe, DE). Together with Jana Honegger as W3rkH0f media arts, Sound+Vision performances include HeK (Basel, CH),  Kammgarn (Schaffhausen, CH), Cabaret Voltaire (Zürich, CH), and SwissNex (San Francisco, USA).


Selected Live Laptop Performances

  • 2013 RE:Con-Fuse W3rkH0f, Neunkirch
  • 2011 Cellar Door Kapu, Linz
  • 2008 AVLab 1.0 Medialab Prado, Madrid.
  • 2006 e*scapes Photo España, Madrid
  • 2002 REtro FUTura Unerhört Bremerhaven
  • 2002 Pink Light Festival Vienna
  • 2002 ARCO, after@Carmen de la Guerra Madrid
  • 2001 Sonic Acts 2001 Amsterdam
  • 2000 Computer Assisted Application Singing After Midnight Native Lab, Berlin
  • 1998 Belle d’Abandon by Kent Clelland. Resistance Fluctuations festival, Los Angeles.

Selected Electro-Acoustic Performances

  • 2013 Live Better with Rick Walker. W3rkH0f, Neunkirch.
  • 2011 I am standing through a Rose by Kent Clelland. Cellar Door, Linz.
  • 2005 Ex-Change with Jens Carstensen. City of Science Festival, Bremen
  • 2003 Un coup de dés. by Daniel Rothman. SWF New Jazz Meeting 2003.
  • 1998 I am sitting in a room by Alvin Lucier. Faultlines New Music Series, Los Angeles.
  • 1998 Yes, Philip Androids Dream Electric Sheep by Daniel Rothman. Pro Musica Nova, Bremen.
  • 1997 AB2, by Marc André. ZKM eröffnungskonzert, Karlsruhe. With Experimentalstudio Freiburg (SWF)
  • 1997 Gesichter, by Isabel Mundry. Donaueschingen Musiktage. With Experimentalstudio Freiburg (SWF)
  • 1996 Cézanne’s Doubt by Daniel Rothman. Musikprotokoll Graz.
  • 1996 Seismic XXX by Kent Clelland. Over21 Festival Los Angeles.
  • 1996 Sensitive Dependance by Kent Clelland. CalArts Spring Music Festival. Los Angeles.
  • 1993 Om by Kent Clelland. Aspen Summer Music Festival.

Experimental computer music can be heard on soundcloud/clelland.
Club-inspired computer music LapCore is available on the 6i Musik netlabel.
Developer of commercial software, working 20+ years in the industry.



For more detailed information about Kent Clelland, please visit

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