• 2017 apidae   Live Laptop Performance Sound+Vision
  • 2017 Treibenreif   Live Laptop Performance Sound+Vision
  • 2017 Bismärckli   Live Laptop Performance Sound+Vision
  • 2016 RandenSonate   Live Laptop Performance Sound+Vision.
  • 2016 terms&conditions   Live Laptop Performance Sound+Vision.
  • 2016 DaDA Karaoke Machine   Interactive installation.
  • 2016 Planikum Retrospektive   Auftragsarbeit: Generative video installation
  • 2015 TONSpur St. Katharinental   Auftragsarbeit: Interactive media guide
  • 2014 Telepräsenz Lounge   Interactive installation.
  • 2014 Ernas Rückkehr   Public Art  video installation.
  • 2013 Munot Glöggeli   Auftragsarbeit: Interactive public installation.

2017 Bismärckli, Treibenreif, apidae

Live Laptop Performances Sound+Vision

2016 Randensonate

Live Laptop Performance Sound+Vision

Live electro-acoustic computer- music /-video realtime performance in Dada style.
Duration: 15:00

To celebrate the 100 year jubilee of Dada, W3rkH0f media arts was invited by Dock18, institute for media cultures, to contribute a performance to Die Kleine Dada Soirée on the 15. April 2016 at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, the birthplace of Dada, as well as also presented as part of the opening of the Re:DaDA exhibition of swissnex, at Pier 17, San Francisco in November 2016

2016 terms&conditions

Live Laptop Performance Sound+Vision

Live electro-acoustic computer music, computer video realtime performance.
Duration: 15:00

Audio- visual performance, utilising our proprietary software products. Digital noise music and realtime DSP vocal duets combine with live video collages using images from the creative commons community.  With this piece W3rkH0f media arts denounces the blanket abuse of consumers’ digital rights in todays’ app driven economy.  World premiere on 4th November 2016

2016 DaDA Karaoke Machine

Interactive installation

Vintage CRT television screen with loudspeakers and microphone.
Video duration: 4:45

Our Randen Sonata was used for a Re:Mix for the Re:Dada exhibition organised by Dock18, at Swissnex San Francisco art gallery,  A cathode ray tube monitor displays a special karaoke rendition of the Randen Sonata, the original German lyrics displayed in English Language spelling ‘for ease of use’.

2016 Planikum Retrospektive

Generative Video Installation
Commissioned by Planikum GmbH

Realtime auto generative video composition. Computer with projector and rear-projection screen.
duration: 6 hours (open ended)

For the celebration of their 10 year jubilee, W3rkH0f media arts was commissioned to generate a 6 hour live rendering of image materials delivered to us from the photo archives of the landscaping firm planikum, Zurich, Switzerland.

2015 TONSpur St. Katharinental

Interactive Media Guide
Commissioned by the Denkmalpflege of the Kanton Thurgau
under the artistic direction of Reto Friedmann.

HTML5 informative media guide. Audio- visual programming. Online web presentation.

2014 Telepräsenz Lounge

Interactive Media Installation

Client/Server Installation
Client: Furniture with flat-screen television, webcam, RaspberryPI. In multiple locations
Server: Custom OSX Software for image processing and network distribution

Multiple lounges are designed and arranged in various locations. As you sit in the lounge your image is captured and shared with the other lounges, displayed within the frame of the most prominent furniture in any room: a digital television.


2014 Ernas Rückkehr

Public Space Video Installation
Commissioned by the Gemeinde Neunkirch

Generative video synthesis, rear projection video installation.
duration: 40:00

Realized under the artistic direction of Jana Honegger, the video projection leverages proprietary video synthesis and is comprised of photographic portraits of female residents of Neunkirch, female masks created by the local theatre fan and hobby mask maker Heinrich Pestalozzi, and of various architectoral details of historic Neunkirch.

The projekt “Ernas Rückkehr” is primarily a community art project. The portraits of local Neunkirch women (ranging from 7 months to 98 years old) are largely created under their own direction. The contrast between traditional motifs and top modern technology is deliberate. Local people as well visitors may experience the local virtues through high-end video synthesis literally in a new light.

2013 Munot Glöggeli

Public Space Interactive Installation
Commissioned by the BSB Clientis Bank of Schaffhausen.

Using OSX Control computer with webcam, DMX lights, loudspeakers. Visitors activate light and sound as they approach the handcrafted bench.

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