Schmiede Neunkirch

Kent Clellands proprietary video synthesizer Hurricane is a video synthesis programm and can be applied to any video related products. It was used in the SOCIAL_SYNTHESIZER_prototype as well as in “Ernas Rückkehr” 2014, Randensonate 2016 and the Snapshot Synthesizer. Also it displayed a small selection of still photographs of a 150 year old smithy for various events, most recently to the museums society Schaffhausen 2016.

A brief documentation of the 150 year old smithy and our recordings can be found   —> here


Photo stills are fed into the "Schmiede Neunkirch" video display
Recordings of the resulting video collage created by Hurricane
photographs and visual design by Jana Honegger
sound recording by Stefan Huber, audio composition by Kent Clelland



download   —>   flyer Deutsch PDF to “Schmiede Neunkirch”